Fondberg & Co

The Fondberg Family

The Fondberg Family has an eye for the business its secrets and its trades. And of course a passion to go ahead and make things happen!

In 1975, this passion resulted in the foundation of Fondberg. To this day, we remain a family-owned company based on the same values and goals that was set in 1975 by the founder Rune Fondberg. That means that we will always offer the best quality products from different corners of the world and to inspire a greater awareness of food and wine as a splendid combination. We always follow the market and trends ahead of the competition in order to give the consumer the best product we can offer.

Choosing our changes

Fondberg believe that a healthy company is recognized by the fact that the values and traditions stay the same. Nevertheless, a healthy company is also recognized by the fact that things can change from time to time.

At Fondberg, we are no strangers to this change.
We are determined to keep a high level of quality in our portfolio, rather than bringing in hundreds of producers.

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Every collaboration is born as a result of respect and understanding between Fondberg and the producer.

Based in Stockholm, the Fondberg of today ranks as one of the top privately owned importers in Sweden with more than 1 million 9 litre cases per year in sales and with a turnover exceeding 100 million EURO.

Working with the best

Another important insight which is characteristic for our establishment is the realisation that greatness is needed not only in the heart of oneself, but all around the core business as well. Great staff is a good start. Great producers are an excellent continuation. Still, this is not enough. If the promise of quality is to be delivered to satisfaction, the company must be associated with best of the best - in all areas. In the area of logistic services, we have chosen DHL Solutions, Scandinavia's largest third-party supplier of logistic services. Also, as a reply to new opportunities in regard to supplying the on-trade directly, we have come to distribution agreements with all the major wholesalers and cash & carry operators.